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Bounty hunters can search homes without a warrant


More than $3.3 billion annual revenue.


The Stevens Report sets out clear principles for outsourcing

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It’s getting increasingly difficult to have a productive debate about payment by results. For many people, PbR is merely shorthand for the privatisation or even a backdoor way of funneling…

Telegraph Mervyn

Tweet Mervyn Barrett is an independent candidate to be Lincolnshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner (the election is on 15 November 2012). Highly regarded for his background in crime prevention, commentators…


Tweet There’s plenty of discussion about payment by results both online and at conferences and seminars. But one aspect that is rarely mentioned is how to encourage staff to engage…

Prague Astronomical Clock

Tweet What does the future hold for payment by results initiatives in 2012? PbR is fast becoming a key component of the Coalition Government project, generating increasing amounts of media…

Tweet Last week I posted apoll to try to gauge attitudes to payment by results by those sufficiently interested in the subject to read this Blog. For reasons that I go…