prison reform

Prison conditions in 2017

Prison Inspectors provide graphic evidence of the terrible physical state of many local prisons in England.

Pushing on with prison reform

Rachel O’Brien says the New Futures Network will drive prison reform on the ground and argues that reform is the only way to return safety and positive regimes.

In the eye of the Prison Storm

Prison Storm is a regular Twitter-based discussion group which looks at all things penal. It is an open platform and free to join, so why not add your voice?

What does prison governor autonomy mean?

00000Written ministerial statement To accompany the Prisons and Courts Bill published last Thursday (24 February 2017), Justice Secretary Liz Truss published a written ministerial statement which provided more information on new performance indicators for which governors, with their new devolved powers, will be responsible. The Bill enshrines in statute the purpose of prison, setting out for the first time that reform of offenders is a key aim for prisons and makes clear how the Secretary …

What does prison governor autonomy mean?

A fairer deal for prison staff?

Details of new proposed settlement to improve pay and pensions for prison officers.

What does prison governor autonomy mean?

The government’s prison reform white paper details the powers which will be devolved to individual governors to allow them to develop a modern prison service.

How the MoJ plans to improve prison safety

The MoJ puts officer-inmate relationships central to its plans to improve prison safety with one prison officer working with six individual prisoners.

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