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Mutual Benefits: Some principles for public sector spin-outs

Mutual Benefits Public Service Mutuals have received very little attention in the discussion about the future of public services. The government has tried to emphasise that their motivation for their overhaul of the public sector is not just about allowing private companies to compete but to improve service delivery. Staff groups have been encouraged to form their own organisations and then compete for the public service that is currently being delivered in-house. The government has

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Payment by Results

Involving front-line staff in the payment by results debate

There’s plenty of discussion about payment by results both online and at conferences and seminars. But one aspect that is rarely mentioned is how to encourage staff to engage in the debate and get them to at least consider the potential of the PbR approach. Many front-line workers (@TheCustodySgt has written a great post on who exactly front line staff are) in the statutory and voluntary sectors instinctively respond to all mentions of PbR as if it is

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Payment by Results

Payment by results: Calling in the auditors

The recent publication of the Audit Commission report: “Local payment by results” is a key landmark in the development of PbR for the commissioning of public services in the UK. The great thing about the Audit Commission is that their focus on hard facts and real-life performance combined with their total independence means that whenever they bring their focus to bear on an aspect of public life, they are worth listening to. There have been

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