London’s gun crime

Hidden in the text of the article is the rather less sensational and more welcome finding that gun crime has been falling rapidly with only 127 shots fired in the first half of 2014 with just one related death. What is perhaps most startling is the way that the police have reduced shootings without entering into a gun battle with criminals.

Response Inspector @InspBatcheler on why she tweets from the frontline (#WIT19)

00000Jane Batcheler, @InspBatcheler, is a response Inspector for Sussex Police.   Tweets by @InspBatcheler Starting out I may not have started my Twitter life for most altruistic of reasons but I’m glad I did. I’ve always been passionate about the role of the response Police officer – we are first to most things – the fight on Friday night outside the pub, the murder, the car crash – the stuff of television programmes, but we also look for …

Response Inspector @InspBatcheler on why she tweets from the frontline (#WIT19)Read More »

Long term tweeting #iplod @SgtGaryWatts on why he tweets (#WIT10)

00000 @SgtGaryWatts, one of the first police officers to tweet for work, writes about his approach to Tweeting.   I covered the journey that brought me to twitter a while ago here so this post is an update on why – two years and 12,000 tweets later – I’m still here. My foray into twitter began with a personal account after years of Facebook use. At first it scared me and seemed like another language and …

Long term tweeting #iplod @SgtGaryWatts on why he tweets (#WIT10)Read More »

@TheCustodySgt : Why I tweet (WIT#1)

[email protected] is a well-respected police tweeter and blogger. He is, of course, a Custody Sergeant and has 6,000 followers on Twitter. He also runs a well-established, thoughtful and thought-provoking blog called The Custody Record. The Sarge does all this anonymously and very successfully. When he was interviewed on Radio 4 recently about the impact of public expenditure cuts on policing, his views were voiced by an actor to preserve this anonymity. He kicks off my new …

@TheCustodySgt : Why I tweet (WIT#1)Read More »

Should the police search out crimes on social media?

00000 There was an interesting article in Saturday’s Guardian which explored the issue of whether the police should get involved in cases of abuse on Twitter. This whole issue has received a lot of attention and discussion in the wake of the case of Liam Stacey who was jailed for 56 days after he posted racist tweets about Fabrice Muamba, following the footballer’s collapse from heart failure at Bolton’s Premier league game against Tottenham. @CC_StuartHyde and @DCCTayside were …

Should the police search out crimes on social media?Read More »

The fine art of the Re-Tweet

00000 Re-tweeting is just a matter of hovering over a Tweet and clicking the re-tweet symbol. So why does it need a whole article for itself? Well, re-tweeting is as important as tweeting itself; many of us re-tweet much more often than we Tweet. Why re-tweet? Personally, for every Tweet I make, I re-tweet 13 times as this graph of my last 3,600 Tweets from twtrland shows: There are three main reasons for re-tweeting: One …

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How to be a good Tweeter

00000 What makes a good Tweet? There’s no single answer to this question of course. A good Tweet is like a good book or a good film – different people like different ones. Nevertheless, The Artist is considered by most people to be superior to Wrath of the Titans 3D. Most people find that the experience of reading Great Expectations enriches them more than First Among Equals. In the same way, there is an emerging …

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Raising your profile: Probation Wednesday (3)

00000 Your Twitter profile is perhaps the single most important component of your tweeting presence. Your Twitter name helps identify you. Your profile picture establishes your individuality and helps you stand out in the timeline. Your profile tells people why you are on Twitter and gives the biggest clue as to whether you are worth following. It also determines whether you will show up in search results. So what should you put in it? One …

Raising your profile: Probation Wednesday (3)Read More »

Facebook Fools 2: Man bites Dog

00000  Many a Finally Friday post has focused on the recklessness and straightforward stupidity of criminals who have advertised their offences on social media and been promptly arrested. This week’s frivolous post looks at similar foolhardy acts committed by police and prison officers who really should have known better. As Alfred Harmsworth famously said: “When a dog bites a man, that is not news, because it happens so often. But if a man bites a …

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ET phone home: Smartphones and crime prevention

00000  One of the downsides about any form of new technology is that it is inevitably expensive and attractive to thieves. Over the years, burglars have focused on Video Recorders, DVD players and, now, Flatscreen TVs. Car thieves have moved from car radios via CD players on to SatNavs, although even those are no longer of sufficient value to interest most opportunists. In the same way, the advent of mobile phones has been responsible for …

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Detection by Facebook: Not always an idle boast

00000In the world of  books and films,  it has always been cool for the best criminals to boast about their misdeeds, provided it is done with style. When the Phantom steals the Pink Panther diamond, he leaves his monogrammed glove as a clue. Raffles,  gentleman thief and cricketer,  stole a gold cup from the British Museum and then posted it to Queen Vitoria as a Diamond Jubilee present. The doyen of cool miscreants must be Cary …

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Detection and arrest: in search of the invisibility vibe

00000“An invisible man can rule the world”, says Claude Rains starring in the first movie version of The Invisible Man. I’ve been thinking a lot about the pros and cons of being invisible, or at least anonymous, over the last week or so. Offenders have always  sought to hide from the law and police officers to expose them. The development of fingerprinting, DNA analysis and ubiquitous CCTV coverage have all marked leaps forward in detection …

Detection and arrest: in search of the invisibility vibeRead More »

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