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London’s gun crime

Hidden in the text of the article is the rather less sensational and more welcome finding that gun crime has been falling rapidly with only 127 shots fired in …
Why I Tweet

Response Inspector @InspBatcheler on why she tweets from the frontline (#WIT19)

000000Jane Batcheler,[email protected], is a response Inspector for Sussex Police.   Tweets by @InspBatcheler Starting out I may not have started my Twitter life for most altruistic of reasons but …
Why I Tweet

Police social media pioneer @SuptPayneWMP on why he tweets (#WIT14)

000000Superintendent Mark Payne,[email protected], one of the first police officers to pioneer the use of Twitter to engage with local communities, writes about why he tweets.   Tweets by @SuptPayneWMP …
Why I Tweet

Long term tweeting #iplod @SgtGaryWatts on why he tweets (#WIT10)

[email protected], one of the first police officers to tweet for work, writes about his approach to Tweeting.   I covered the journey that brought me to twitter a while …
Why I Tweet

@TheCustodySgt : Why I tweet (WIT#1)

[email protected] a well-respected police tweeter and blogger. He is, of course, a Custody Sergeant and has 6,000 followers on Twitter. He also runs a well-established, thoughtful and thought-provoking blog …
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