Trespass on railway as 13 year old disqualifies #PCC candidate

00000It was with great sadness that I read today that Bob Ashford, the Labour Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate for Avon and Somerset, had to stand down because of a very minor conviction – trespassing on railway property and possession of an air rifle (even though he did not actually touch the weapon himself). These convictions happened in 1966 when he was 13 years old. By all accounts, Mr Ashford was a strong PCC candidate …

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Why won’t commissioners follow the evidence-base?

00000From 2013/14 newly elected Police & Crime Commissioners will have responsibility for community safety and Drugs Intervention Programme budgets and will be looking for new and effective ways to tackle drug-related problems. I’m hosting a series of posts from organisations who feel they have a successful model.   This week, Mike Trace, Chief Executive from drug treatment charity RAPt (and previously Deputy Drug Czar) describes a 12-step model with an impressive evidence base for cutting re-offending.   The Rehabilitation Revolution …

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Police Commissioners should beware policy-based evidence

00000 What will PCCs do? There’s been plenty of discussion in the media recently about Police and Crime Commissioners who are to be elected on 15 November and will be “accountable for how crime is tackled in their police force areas.” Very little of the coverage has been positive. Most of it has focused on public apathy and the very real concern that most people neither know about them, nor care. Even though the Home Office …

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