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Tags are what WordPress calls is keywords. I attach a small number of tags to every post to help people navigate between content with the same keywords. Tags may be people (David Gauke say), organisations (The Howard League, Revolving Doors Agency), themes (women offenders, homelessness) or specific items (heroin, cocaine, ROTL). If you’re looking to research a particular issue, they can be invaluable.

Digital Engagement

Be mindful of the net

This is the second in a short series of posts on a great new book by Howard Rheingold: “Net Smart”. Last week I recommended that you find time to read this fascinating volume yourself (see link below) but promised to whet your appetite in the meantime by looking at its five main themes; the first of which is how to be mindful online.   Pay Attention As I said last week, one of the great attractions of

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Digital Engagement

Get Net Smart and thrive online

This is a first in a short series of posts on a great new book by Howard Rheingold: “Net Smart”. I wouldn’t normally dedicate a series to one book but Rheingold has been a leading theorist and teacher about the online world since the early 1980s. I’m attracted to this book because of his depth of knowledge, imaginative flair and the fact that he is an enthusiast about social media use and online collaboration without being

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