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8/10 women prisoners have committed a non-violent offence

The Centre for Criminal Appeals will highlight inappropriate and disproportionate sentencing of women who have committed minor, non-violent crimes and/or civil offences that can also lead to imprisonment, such as the non-payment of council tax.

Prisoners tend to view law solely as an instrument of punishment

Christoper McDonald, a former IPP prisoner , provided the audience with insight into the reality of life on the inside, far away from the court room. ‘For about two years I stayed in a cell that was no longer than my arm span, with two to three other people in a cell,’ he explained. ‘Later on in my sentence I was represented by Lubia [Begum-Rob, joint managing solicitor at PAS], who told me I do have rights, and we could start to challenge some of the decisions. More needs to be done to inform prisoners of what they are entitled to,’ he said.

Businessman & lawyer @kilroyt on why he tweets (#WIT11)

00000 Businessman & lawyer Tom Kilroy @kilroyt, on how @campbellclaret kick-started his journey on Twitter.   Tweets by @kilroyt Why do I tweet? It’s an interesting question. There are various ways to try to answer it. At the most literal, I tweet because Alistair Campbell (@campbellclaret) persuaded me it was good idea during an evening in a bar in January 2011 (orange juice for him, beer for me and the others present). We were at the Pinsent …

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@LifeinCustody: Why I tweet (WIT#3)

00000Kim Evans, @lifeincustody, ex-police officer, lawyer and commissioning editor at The Justice Gap, on why she tweets.   Tweets by @LifeInCustody Why I tweet. I joined twitter in February 2011 not previously knowing it existed. I got to know about @pennyred, a young journalist with over 44k followers. I was astonished at the extent of her political savvy at such a young age and realised how much I’d missed by being stuck in the dungeons of custody over …

@LifeinCustody: Why I tweet (WIT#3)Read More »

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