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On Probation

Unpaid work irrelevant to broader probation supervision

Unpaid work has always been the Cinderella department of probation work – doing valuable work but under-valued and rarely fully integrated into the mainstream of offender management. It appears that the changes brought in by Transforming Rehabilitation are reinforcing this trend.

On Probation

New probation still undermined by information sharing problems

Although this is a coherent strategy, many remain disappointed that there has yet been little focus on the quality of work being delivered or on the progress of the new Through the Gate (TTG) resettlement services to short-term prisoners.


New probation still a cause for concern

The Inspectorate’s overall conclusion reflects their continuing concerns about the new system; particularly around risk, and, most seriously, around risk to children:

On Probation

Effective interventions for women offenders

It is surprising that in 2015, there is almost no British research of sufficient high quality to inform best practice in reducing women’s offending. There is a particular need to develop an effective evidence base around what works in helping women to desist from violent crime.

On Probation

The true test of transforming rehabilitation

Annual Probation Inspectorate report The recent (11 August 2015) annual report from the Probation Inspectorate did not generate the same level of media attention as

On Probation

Still big problems implementing new probation

The latest probation inspection report has found there are still major implementation problems with the new split probation system known as Transforming Rehabilitation.
The report, the first from new Chief Inspector Paul Wilson, found: Serious problems with the new Risk of Serious Recidivism tool…

On Probation

First inspection of new probation

The inspectors made a total of 67 recommendations to address the concerns they identified. It is too early to say whether these issues are teething problems inevitable given the massive change that TR involves or fundamental flaws that will get worse over time. It will be intriguing to see whether performance improves or deteriorates when new providers take over CRCs in early 2015.

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