Report back on 2nd Global Police Tweetathon #poltwt

On 1 November over 12 thousand tweeters in 68 countries got involved in the 2nd Global Police Tweetathon organised by Lauri Stevens (@lawscomm) over at ConnectedCops. Bright Planet harvested all the data and have produced the interactive infographic below. Have fun hovering over the countries and other sections to get more information.

Second global police Tweetathon #poltwt

The 1st global police Tweetathon was a great success. The sequel launches on 1 November 2013 for 24 hours. Get involved and see how police forces from around the world use Twitter to engage with their local communities. #poltwt

Get ready for Global Police Tweetathon – Part 2

Global Police Tweetathon Part 2 takes place 1 November 2013. The first tweetathon took place in March 2013; the hashtag #poltwt trended from New Zealand west to Australia, across Europe and then from the east coast of North America in a wave across to the west coast. There were 48,482 tweets in 23 different languages – reaching over 11 million people. Here’s how to get involved…

Promote your event with social media. Step 2: Broadcast

Using social media on the day. If you followed the advice in part one of this series, you will already have created your hashtag for your event and been tweeting it regularly to create a sense of anticipation. The day before and on the actual morning of the event make sure that you have lined up your presenters and key supporters to tweet that it is happening today and that anyone who can’t make it, can catch up with developments by following the hashtag. Your next decision is whether to use a Twitter Wall…

First Global Police Tweetathon

Read all about the first global police tweetathon and follow almost 200 police forces tweeting live from around the world. You can see the #POLTWT hashtag stream live on the post.

Mental health policing specialist @mentalhealthcop says Twitter is a dialogue (#WIT32)

00000Inspector Michael Brown runs a very successful blog which won the 2012 Mark Hanson Digital Media Award from @MindCharity. Tweets by @MentalHealthCop Getting started I started to tweet unofficially purely because I felt I had something to say about the role of the police service as part of our extended mental health system.  I had worked for three years on mental health issues for West Midlands Police as well as the NPIA and ACPO, but …

Mental health policing specialist @mentalhealthcop says Twitter is a dialogue (#WIT32)Read More »

Jonathan Ledger (@jonathan_napo) General Secretary of Probation Trade Union NAPO, on why he tweets (#WIT27)

00000Jonathan Ledger (@jonathan_napo) General Secretary of Probation Trade Union NAPO, on why he tweets.   Early Convert I was an early convert to Twitter inasmuch that I registered on it in the early days (when even Stephen Fry had just a few hundred followers) but I remained inactive, and uninterested, for some years. It was the start ofNapo’s Centenary in 2012 which prompted me to get involved and it would be fair to say that …

Jonathan Ledger (@jonathan_napo) General Secretary of Probation Trade Union NAPO, on why he tweets (#WIT27)Read More »

Tweet Kred: Understanding your online influence

00000In the last post of my how to get the most out of Twitter series, I looked at assessing the impact of your Tweets. I discussed a whole range of utilities which promise to measure how influential you are on social media. I confessed to having dabbled with Klout, PeerIndex and Kred which all claim to analyse your social media activities and rank your ability to influence others, normally on a scale of 1-100 (Klout and Peer …

Tweet Kred: Understanding your online influenceRead More »

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