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Is Reform think tank really doing it justice?

00000Should PCCs rule the world? I posted earlier this week about whether Police and Crime Commissioners are a good idea. I came to the conclusion that there were plenty of arguments for and against but that there is an emerging consensus that we really won’t know until they take office on this November 19th. However, the Reform think tank, is so confident that PCCs will be a success that it published a new report last …

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Don’t delay! Post 999

00000The recent publicity campaigns promoting the new 101 Police telephone number have all been at pains to emphasise that the number should not be used in an emergency. But 999 (911 in the USA, 000 in Australia) is not the only way to contact Police in an emergency. Indeed, the US Government has started to put in a place a system which allows members of the public to text or send multi-media messages to call …

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