Pinning your colours to the mast – using Pinterest to curate digital images

00000This is the third and final post in a mini-series on tools for curating online content.   I have already discussed using Scoopit to curate digital magazines and Storify to collate reaction to fast-moving media stories. This week, I’m going to look at the curation potential of Pinterest. What is Pinterest? Pinterest is simply a social photo sharing site which makes it very easy for users to “pin” their images to a virtual pinboard. Typically, …

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Let me tell you a storify

00000This is the second in a mini-series covering three tools for curating online content.   Storify This week’s tutorial shows you how to use Storify to curate content on a particular topic. I use Storify when I want to gather news, views and reaction to a breaking story. (For curating topics over a longer term, try Scoopit to create online magazines, as described in last week’s post.) Storify’s strength is that is exceedingly quick and easy to …

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Curating online content is a great way to develop your digital footprint

00000What is content curation? Did you ever think there might be too much information on the internet? When’s the last time you did a Google search that didn’t return tens of thousands of results? To profit from this overload of information we need two main skills: Crap detection – working out what is reliable and what is (accidentally or on purpose) not Content curation Curating online content is quite similar to curating an exhibition in …

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The power of online participation

00000This is the fourth in a short series of posts on a great new book by Howard Rheingold: “Net Smart”. I recommended you find time to read this fascinating volume yourself (see link below) but if you can’t find the time, these posts summarise the main themes: this week: Participation Power.     Online participation can translate into real power Rheingold acknowledges that much of the content published online, and on social media in particular, is banal, …

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Ever thought of becoming a curation officer?

00000The first episode of the BBC’s new drama about the probation service, Public Enemies, airs tonight. Last week I blogged about how this rare prime time exposure provides probation trusts with a great opportunity to communicate to the general public exactly what they do. We know from the trailer that the storyline – Probation Officer, (Anna Friel), supervises released murderer (Daniel Mays) and risks her career to help him prove his innocence – is unlikely to …

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