Police use social media to leverage the wisdom of the crowd

00000This is the fifth in a series of posts based on the recent COMPOSITE report on police use of social media across Europe.   The Wisdom of the crowd The last two posts in this series have examined the widespread take-up of social media by police forces across Europe in order to communicate more effectively with the public. This post focuses on the benefits of this approach. Once police have established a strong social media …

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Facebook: Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide

00000I’ve written before about the, often ludicrous, ways in which criminals have advertised their crimes on social media and ended up being apprehended as a result. This week, three rather more serious stories which demonstrate how difficult Facebook makes it to stay anonymous in the 21st Century. First, a story from the US on the new difficulties facing undercover law enforcement personnel. Woman arrested for posting Facebook photos of undercover cop A Texas woman was arrested …

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#researchmethods: Using social media for social research

00000I recently evaluated a pilot project which used online surveys to get local peoples’ views on policing priorities (A virtual approach can mean real engagement). As part of the evaluation, I utilised web-based survey software to gather the views of participants. It was quick and easy to use and succeeded in getting a very high response rate. This got me thinking about other ways of using social media in social research. I was inspired by …

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