The truth about why people do bad things

There are two contradictory narratives about crime. In one, the criminal act is a selfish choice, and tough punishment the only solution. In the other, the system is at fault, and perpetrators will change only when society reforms. Both are wrong.

@probation_pract, frontline probation officer, on why he Tweets (WIT#12)

[email protected]_pract is a frontline probation officer who loves Twitter for the chance to engage in country-wide professional debate.   Tweets by @probation_pract Why I Tweet? I am pretty new to the phenomenon that is Twitter although I have been a user of Facebook for a number of years so I’m somewhat familiar to the world of social networking. However, when I was asked to write a small piece on why I tweet I was initially stumped. For me, …

@probation_pract, frontline probation officer, on why he Tweets (WIT#12)Read More »

@drbrianstout Why I tweet (WIT#7)

00000Dr Brian Stout, @drbrianstout,  Associate Professor of Social Work at the University of Western Sydney,  previously taught on the DipPS and the PQF at De Montfort University and worked as a probation officer in Northern Ireland.   Tweets by @drbrianstout Why I tweet Reading through the contributions of previous writers in the ‘Why I tweet’ series it is clear that most of them were compelled to join twitter because of what they felt they had to say.  My …

@drbrianstout Why I tweet (WIT#7)Read More »

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