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On Probation

The identity of new probation

Interviewees often described a sense of loss, talking about the experience of being forced to transfer to the CRC as a bereavement or divorce. Many staff were extremely angry and upset at being forced out of the public sector whose values they explicitly espoused. There was also a strong sense of loss from long-time colleagues who were being transferred to the National Probation Service.


Probation staffing levels fall under Transforming Rehabilitation

NOMS just published its latest workforce information summary report which records the number of staff working for Community Rehabilitation Companies at 31 December 2014. Overall there are about 150 fewer full time equivalent staff working for the 21 CRCs (who were at the time still part of the public sector); an overall reduction of 1.84%.

On Probation

MoJ research shows probation works

It will be fascinating to see if the new Community Rehabilitation Companies can reduce the reoffending rates of short term prisoners now that they have the first opportunity to provide supervision to this group.

On Probation

First inspection of new probation

The inspectors made a total of 67 recommendations to address the concerns they identified. It is too early to say whether these issues are teething problems inevitable given the massive change that TR involves or fundamental flaws that will get worse over time. It will be intriguing to see whether performance improves or deteriorates when new providers take over CRCs in early 2015.

On Probation

MoJ publish TR information for Judicial Review

This information cannot provide much insight about the quality of service being delivered under the new system. The best measure of this is, of course, reoffending rates but they will not be available until Autumn 2016.

On Probation

What do we know about the new Probation Institute?

The partner organisations have produced a Prospectus for the Institute which sets out their initial thoughts on the purpose of the organisation, its stakeholders, scope and priorities and an implementation plan and timetable. This prospectus sets out six key objectives for the Institute: 1) Providing professional leadership, enhancing the professional status of the sector

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