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Tags are what WordPress calls is keywords. I attach a small number of tags to every post to help people navigate between content with the same keywords. Tags may be people (David Gauke say), organisations (The Howard League, Revolving Doors Agency), themes (women offenders, homelessness) or specific items (heroin, cocaine, ROTL). If you’re looking to research a particular issue, they can be invaluable.

Why I Tweet

A Tweet a day helps you work, rest and play: @paulbernalUK on why he tweets (WIT#23)

Dr Paul Bernal is a lecturer in IT, IP and Media Law at the UEA Law School. He tweets as @paulbernalUK, and blogs at   Tweets by @PaulbernalUK   Why I tweet It’s hard to explain exactly why I tweet: there are so many reasons. I tweet to learn. I tweet for work. I tweet to connect with the world – and to engage with it. Most of all, though, I tweet for fun

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Why I Tweet

Leading desistance academic @fergus_mcneill on why he tweets (WIT#15)

Fergus McNeill, @fergus_mcneill, leading academic on desistance – how and why offenders give up committing crime – writes on why he tweets. Tweets by @fergus_mcneill Why I tweet  I have to admit that I can’t remember why I signed up to Twitter, but I do remember exactly when it sprang into life for me, and when I started to see its potential. That was during the screening (early this year) of “Public Enemies” – the BBC drama

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Alcohol & Drugs

Drug Treatment 2.0

This post is a celebration of  the increasing range and variety of online resources developed by the drug treatment world. It’s great to report that all sectors of the field are bringing their tradition of creativity to the world of web 2.0 Harm reductionists have eagerly embraced the opportunities to engage with drug users which the World Wide Web and social media bring. These are just a few of the many high quality harm reductions

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