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Will cross-sector reducing reoffending partnerships work?

00000Is the MoJ getting serious about a diverse supply chain? Conscious of the criticism of the performance of large private sector “Primes” in the Work Programme, the government has substantially upped its rhetoric about encouraging public sector mutuals and the voluntary sector to compete for the new reducing re-offending contracts. What’s more, the MoJ and Cabinet Office have started to put the government’s money where its mouth is. Nick Clegg announced a further £7 million …

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What’s the future for PbR?

00000What does the future hold for payment by results initiatives in 2012? PbR is fast becoming a key component of the Coalition Government project, generating increasing amounts of media coverage. The payments by results scheme to tackle “problem families”  received hundreds of column inches, although most clued-up commentators were quick to argue that the headline £200 million funding was not all new money. In terms of criminal justice PbR schemes, with which this blog is …

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PbR: Teamwork in an era of collaboretition

00000Since this post was written, Cavendish has added a further 3 stage wins in the 2012  Tour De France. On 28 July, he races in the Olympics Time Trial with 4 other Brits, including Bradley Wiggins, all trying to get him across the line first.   Mark Cavendish is the fastest road cyclist in the world and to see the “Manx Missile” emerge from a pack of 180 riders at speeds of up to 50 …

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PbR – a healthy proposition?

00000Last week I posted apoll to try to gauge attitudes to payment by results by those sufficiently interested in the subject to read this Blog. For reasons that I go into in a comment on that post, the poll bombed. Most people either weren’t interested or were very wary about voicing an opinion, even in an anonymised format. I offered five possible answers to the poll question ‘What do you think of PbR?’: A great opportunity …

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