New app to combat hate crime

New app supported by London Mayor and Victim Support makes it easy to capture, secure and report evidence of hate crime.

Can I get a witness? Smartphone app crime prevention

00000iwitness is the latest smartphone application promising a technological solution to crime. There has been a recent surge in the development of really useful smartphone apps. @reasondigital collated four life-saving examples last week. @Uturntraining has developed an app that helps prevent deaths by heroin overdose. Last week, I blogged about a new app developed by the New York Civil Liberties Union to monitor the use of “Stop-and-Frisk”. It uses smartphones video and audio recording functions to ensure that police …

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Stop and Search and Replay

00000 Stop and search has always been a controversial issue in the UK and friction point between police and the communities they serve. Indeed several commentators cited it as a potential contributory factor to last year’s riots. The New York equivalent “Stop-and-Frisk” has proved equally contentious with almost 700,000 people questioned on the city’s streets last year. The vast majority were non-white and almost 9/10 had not committed a crime – see this article by …

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