Social Media Courses

Social Media Courses & Consultancy

[mks_dropcap style=”squared”]R[/mks_dropcap]ussell is currently providing a range of advice, consultancy and training on the effective and strategic use of social media for a wide range of organisations, including probation trusts, voluntary sector organisations and research bodies.

He is doing individual consultancy work with a number of organisations to use social media and other online approaches to increase public knowledge of their work.

The range of services includes:


  • Rapid assessment of social media potential and blueprint for social media strategy
  • Developing and disseminating social media policies to encourage use across organisations whilst protecting organisations/staff
  • Training on how to adopt a common approach to social media across an organisation whilst retaining individual voices
  • Training on developing and maintaining an engaging blog
  • SWOT analysis on the risks and benefits of using social media
  • Mentoring Chief Executives on maximising the impact of their own social media accounts for the good of their organisation
  • Website redesign to facilitate regular updates with online content and integrating social media dissemination (in partnership with Ecru –
  • App development for interactive work with service users for groupwork/programmes
  • Developing online-friendly content (and converting existing content to be online-friendly)