[mks_dropcap style=”squared”]S[/mks_dropcap]ome people were kind enough to write or tweet about what they found useful about this blog and my work generally:

“Russell’s blog is an eclectic mix of topics that broaden my horizons and helps me to see the bigger picture. An essential requirement in the ever changing multi-agency hodge podge the Criminal Justice System sometimes is! @TheCustodySgt


“PBR- the beast that has the world confused is tackled by Russell Webster in a fearless and insightful way. A must read if you want to be in the know.” Cristina Fernandez


“Russell’s blog is as essential to me as a probation officer as the 1988 golf GTI Haynes Manual is to my petrolhead boyfriend.” @ZoestaffsGMPT 


“Your website is why I use Twitter. Access to commentary on other professions linked to mine, which helps to broaden my knowledge and expand my thinking. I already enjoy a closer more joined up way of thinking with fellow professionals.” @Lifeincustody


“No nonsense interpretation about PbR, huge respect for Russell’s unwavering determination to make a difference.” Richard Rowley, NoOffence


“What I value about Russell’s blog is it helps me get up to speed with the latest PbR jargon and issues in one concentrated blast.” James Caplin


“I’ve been reading on this blog about new funding arrangements in the commissioning of criminal justice services. I now more than I did before, and I’m not bored. That alone says something about how promising material is presented.” @Ben_Jarman