Restorative Justice Week 2014

Raising the profile of Restorative Justice

The Ministry of Justice has become increasingly committed to Restorative Justice over recent years. There was considerable emphasis on RJ in the recently completed Transforming Rehabilitation process with new providers urged to include restorative work and the police use of community resolutions is to be expanded.

The MoJ now runs an annual Restorative Justice Week in November. Last year’s RJ week was the focus of a number of campaigns, funding announcements etc. This year’s week runs from 16 -23 November 2014 and the MoJ has produced a considerable amount of publicity material including web banners (see above) , information leaflets and the infographic below.


The Restorative Justice Council

The Restorative Justice Council increasingly provides leadership for RJ work in England Wales. The RJC is an independent RJ umbrella body which provides “quality assurance and a national voice advocating the widespread use of all forms of restorative practice”.

Last month (28 October 2014) it published the results of an RJ mapping exercise it had commissioned from the Hallam Centre for Community Justice at Sheffield Hallam University. This provides information about the national RJ picture plus individual reports for the 43 criminal justice areas.

You can keep up with RJ events and initiatives through the Twitter feed below which will update in real time:

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