Criminal Justice Quiz New Year’s Day 2019

Ease your way into 2019 with this light-hearted quiz on all things criminal justice.

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Happy New Year!

It’s a blog tradition to welcome all readers to a New Year with a short quiz to while away a few minutes on a Bank Holiday. All the answers to the quiz can be found on the pages of the blog. I hope you enjoy the quiz.  


Well done. You’ve got a grip on what’s going on.
Never mind. Keep up with the blog this year to do better next time.

#1. How many people said they were sexually assaulted in 2017?

#2. How many people were convicted of a sexual offence last year?

#3. How many people in prison on 31 December 2016 were aged 80 or over?

#4. How many short sentence prisoners were recalled in 2017?

#5. 35% of male prisoners are sentenced to 3 months or less. What’s the % for women?

#6. What’s the most common crime (43%) women are arrested for?

#7. What proportion of young offenders said they received a good service from their YOT?

#8. In July 2018 how many Community Rehabilitation Companies were subject to MoJ improvement plans?

#9. How many prisoners released between April-June 2018 were officially sleeping rough?

#10. What proportion of the prison population are serving time for sex offences?


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