Criminal Justice Quiz of the Year

2017 in Criminal Justice

To call 2017 an eventful year for the world of criminal justice was a bit of an understatement.

We had (yet another) new Justice Secretary.

Prisons were in crisis the whole year, low staffing levels contributing to very unsafe environments for both prisoners and staff.

The year ended with the Chief Inspector of Probation, Dame Glenys Stacey, publishing an extremely critical annual report which not only exposed the poor performance of most probation areas but questioned the viability of the Transforming Rehabilitation model.

But what do you remember about the year?

I hope the quiz below will provide you will a few moments diversion over the holiday period (even if you are at work when you do it).

All the answers are to be found somewhere on the pages of this blog.

Happy New Year!

[If you can’t see the Quiz, just click here.]

1. How many of the 21 private probation companies reduced reoffending in first set of figures?

2. How many released prisoners were recalled to prison in the year to 31 March 2017?

3. What proportion were recalled for reasons other than being alleged to have committed a further offence?

4. In 2007, the number of children entering the justice system for the first time was 110,801. How many were there in 2016?

5. In 2006, 25% children in custody were from BAME backgrounds. What proportion in 2016?

6. What proportion of court judges are from BAME backgrounds?

7. The Dutch probation service pioneered a virtual reality intervention. Who was it targeted at?

8. US police services distribute special playing cards to prisoners. Why?

9. How much did England & Wales spend on prison in 2016/17?

10. Both David Lidington and Liz Truss gave major speeches at the same Think Tank. Which one?

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