Criminal Justice Quiz Easter 2020

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Survive another day in lockdown with this quiz on all things criminal justice.

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Test your criminal justice knowledge

I did wonder whether it was appropriate to continue with the blog tradition of a quiz on Easter Monday in the midst of the current terrible events but concluded that having another way to spend 5 minutes of lockdown was probably not a bad thing. As always, all the answers can be found somewhere on this site. I hope all my readers, including the many who are still at work caring for others, are keeping well and staying safe.  


Congratulations. You know your justice system
Better luck next time

#1. In September 2019 how many prisoners were serving our most extreme punishment – a whole life tariff?

#2. How much did people in England and Wales spend on illicit drugs in 2016/17 ?

#3. What proportion of hospital appointments made for prisoners are cancelled or missed?

#4. According to the most recent femicide census, what proportion of women killed by men were killed by their current or former partner?

#5. What proportion of women released from prison were in employment six weeks after their release?

#6. The number of children who received a caution or sentence has fallen over the last 10 years – but by how much?

#7. According to the National Audit Office, how large is the current backlog of major prison repairs?

#8. In a recent online survey what proportion of 2000 English and Welsh people said that sentences are too lenient?

#9. How many of the 21 Community Rehabilitation Companies are currently officially rated as providing a good service?

#10. In the year to June 2019, how many people released from serving a sentence of less than 12 months were recalled to prison?


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