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Russell Webster

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Criminal Justice Quiz Summer 2019

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While away your Bank Holiday with this light-hearted quiz on all things criminal justice.

Happy Bank Holiday!

It’s a blog tradition to break up the summertime with a  short quiz to while away a few minutes on a Bank Holiday Monday.

All the answers to the quiz can be found on the pages of the blog.

I hope you enjoy the quiz.

#1 In the redesigned probation system, there will be 12 IPs delivering upaid work and accredited programmes. What does IP stand for?

#2 How many new Justice Secretaries have their been since Michael Gove was replaced in July 2016?

#3 How many women were imprisoned for shoplifting in 2017?

#4 Which European country imprisons the highest proportion of its citizens?

#5 According to new MoJ research, how much does re-offending cost us every year?

#6 Two percent of the general population have a learning disability or difficulty. What’s the proportion for people in prison?

#7 How many prisoners are in PAYE employment 12 months after their release?

#8 The courts made 190,000 community sentences in 2008/9, but how many did they make in 2017/18?

#9 July’s prison safety figures were the worse on record. How many assaults were there in our prisons in the last year?

#10 Boris Johnson has promised investment in the justice system but how much was pledged in recent announcements?

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