Payment by Results interactive tool

Researched, designed and developed an interactive payment by results tool to help commissioners, investors and providers think through the many factors associated with choosing a PbR model. The tool asks key questions on both the rationale for using PbR for a particular service and key elements of the contract—such as defining and validating outcomes and guarding against common PbR problems like ‘creaming and parking’ and unintended consequences.

The tool (which was funded by the Oak Foundation) gives you immediate feedback on your choices, followed up by summaries of key research. Everything is evidence-based and the tool is completely free to use—you don’t even have to register. When you’ve completed the tool, you get to download all your answers and additional PbR resources.

Hopefully, more organisations can make better decisions, and we can end up with a more informed debate on payment by results.

You can find the tool at:

You are very welcome to embed it on your organisation’s website to encourage your funders, staff and clients to use it.

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