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How well is your probation service performing?

Probation league table - updated 23 Jan 2019

Although I’m not an instinctive supporter of league tables for public services, I think there is real value in comparing the performance of probation services, given the scrutiny following the implementation of the new public/private system known as Transforming Rehabilitation.

The (totally unofficial) league table I’ve constructed below enables three types of comparisons:

  1. How National Probation Service divisions and Community Rehabilitation Companies compare with their peers.
  2. How NPS divisions are performing compared with the CRCs in their area.
  3. How probation organisations compare in different areas of performance: leadership, case assessment, court reports, unpaid work etc.

The league table benefits from the robust new scoring methodology adopted by Her Majesty’s Inspection of Probation earlier this year. The new system involves inspecting a single organisation (either a CRC or an NPS division) and giving that organisation one of four overall ratings: outstanding; good; requires improvement or poor.

Inspectors give individual ratings for ten different domains set out in detail in the infographic below but covering three main headings:

  1. Organisational delivery
  2. Case supervision
  3. NPS/CRC specific work

As you can see from the league table below, currently NPS divisions are outperforming Community Rehabilitation Companies by a considerable distance – no surprise when you know that the two NPS divisions that have been inspected were rated good and the seven CRCs inspected so far have all been rated “requiring improvement”.  

Perusing the table does throw up some interesting features; for instance all but one probation provider (NPS and CRCs) are rated good for leadership. On the other hand, 6/7 CRCs were rated inadequate for both implementing and delivering supervision and reviewing cases.

The table will be updated following the publication of every inspection report.

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