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Payment by results: how to do it properly


Which of these two statements do you agree with?

“Payment by results is a mechanism by which government transfer problems it has failed to solve to external providers and then punishes the provider for continuing to fail”

“Payment by results is a mechanism by which government focuses services on what really matters and in so doing achieves far better outcomes for service users, the community and the tax-payer”

We believe both these statements can be true: it all depends on how you do it.

We don’t like to boast but we think we are about as knowledgeable on this as anyone!

Frank Curran and Russell Webster have an unrivalled range of expertise in the payment by results arena across a wide range of public policy areas.

Frank has designed PbR contracts across criminal justice, housing support, homelessness, social care, substance misuse and children’s services; he has been involved in the design of MoJ PbR pilots and is part of the national evaluation of the Supporting People PbR pilots

Russell has worked with providers to design re-offending and drug treatment programmes intended to be paid for via PbR. He has advised commissioners on developing PbR schemes and worked closely on the development of Social Impact Bonds. He maintains a lively blog dedicated to PbR issues.

Are you a commissioner interested in developing PbR contracts?

We work with commissioners to help them design PbR contracts that work for them, for service users and for service providers

Are you a member/senior manager interested in finding out more about PbR?

We work with members/senior managers to help them understand what “good” PbR looks like.

Are you a provider interested in developing/tendering for PbR contracts?

We work with providers to help them understand the risks and rewards in entering PbR contracts


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