MoJ takes #notorevengeporn campaign online

Revenge Porn will be illegal

Under new legislation which will cover England & Wales (Criminal Justice and Courts Bill), it will soon be easier to prosecute instances of Revenge Porn. Those found guilty of it can be sentenced to up to two years in prison and a fine.


What is Revenge Porn?

Revenge Porn is the sharing of private, sexual materials, either photos or videos, of another person, without their consent and with the purpose of causing distress.

The offence applies both online and offline and to images which are shared electronically or in a more traditional way so includes the uploading of images on the internet, sharing by text and e-mail, or showing someone a physical or electronic image.


Be aware b4 you share

The MoJ has launched a public awareness raising campaign aimed at deterring potential offenders from sharing revenge porn and letting victims know that the law is on their side and the support available. The campaign is being run by the Ministry of Justice, in partnership with the UK Safer Internet Centre, Women’s Aid and Suzy Lamplugh Trust.

The MoJ has produced a range of digital campaign materials (several of which are featured in this post). You can download them all from this MoJ page.

For anyone on Twitter, the official hashtag is: #NoToRevengePorn.



The Revenge Porn Helpline number is 0845 6000 459

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