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I’m sorry Sir, it’s against the law

There are plenty of arcane, not to say bizarre laws in the UK.

  • MPs aren’t aware of wear armour in parliament.
  • You can’t beat or shake a carpet rug in any street in the Metropolitan Police District.
  • It’s illegal to import Polish potatoes (put on the Statute Book in 2004)

For more examples, see here.

Some of the laws don’t prohibit behaviour but officially sanction it:

like the right to drive sheep across London Bridge as freemen of the City of London

Or the right for pregnant women to relieve themselves anywhere they see fit.

However, as usual, our US cousins outdo us in the strange and wacky department.

See the infographic below to find out:

  • Where you can’t use public transport for four hours after eating garlic.
  • Where men with moustaches can’t kiss women
  • Where the value of Pi is not 3.14, but 4


Strangest Laws Still in Effect Today

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