Criminal Justice Quiz of 2016

2016 – an eventful year

To call 2016 an eventful year is something of an understatement.

There was Brexit.

There was Trump.

Triumph in the Olympics and Paralympics.

Disaster in the Euros (unless you are Welsh).

The criminal justice world was also full of activity.

Prison reform was all steam ahead, then shunted into a siding and now struggling in the face of a meltdown of prison safety.

We have had two Home Secretaries and Justice Secretaries, despite there being no election.

All the main criminal justice agencies have been faced with the prospect of doing more with less (yet again).

We have learnt more about how the new Transforming Rehabilitation probation system is working with serious concerns about the performance of some National Probation Service areas and many (but not all) Community Rehabilitation Companies.

But what do you remember about 2016?

I hope the quiz below will provide you will a few moments diversion over the holiday period (even if you are at work when you do it).

All the answers are to be found somewhere on the pages of this blog.

Happy New Year!

[If you can’t see the Quiz, just click here.]

1. Which of the 6 reform prisons is this a photo of?


2. Which of these professional qualifications does Justice Secretary Liz Truss hold?

3. What did the National Audit Office say about the new probation system in April?

4. What is the lowest amount prisons spend on food per prisoner?

5. What was the prison population in England & Wales on 30 June 2016?

6. What was the prison population in England & Wales on 30 June 1993?

7. What happened to the NOMS budget for 2015/16?

8. This year's Crime Stats recorded internet crimes for the 1st time, but how many cybercrimes were there?

9. Who is the current minister for probation?

10. What proportion of prisoners are inside for drug offences?

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