Criminal Justice Quiz – Easter 2017

Following the popularity of my end of year criminal justice quiz, here’s a follow-up to occupy any a few idle minutes over the Easter weekend.

I hope the quiz below will provide you will a few moments diversion over the holiday period (even if you are at work when you do it).

All the answers are to be found somewhere on the pages of this blog.

Happy Easter!

[If you can’t see the Quiz, just click here.]


1, What does HMPPS stand for?

2, Where is the government NOT planning to build a new super prison?

3, What percentage of judges feel valued by the government ?

4, Who will be the new chair of the Youth Justice Board?

5, Which of these measures will NOT be part of new prison league tables?

6, According to the Justice Data Lab, which sector is most effective at reducing reoffending?

7, What proportion of rehabilitation activity requirements were accurately recorded by probation IT?

8, How many oral hearings were conducted by the parole board in 2015/16?

9, What proportion of prisoners in England and Wales are on remand at any one time?

10, According to Women In Prison how many of the Corston Report’s 43 recommendations have been fully implemented?



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