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Police effectiveness in a changing world

Action research by the Police Foundation found that reductions in funding and consequent re-structuring have resulted in a less effective, reactive approach.

Five key things about new crime stats

There were more than 5.8m incidents of cybercrime in the last year, far higher than previously thought and enough to nearly double the headline crime rate in England and Wales.

Should we decriminalise sex work?

New report from Home Affairs Committee recommends legalising prostitution to protect sex workers from being criminalised and stigmatised.

Myth: Only radical reforms can reduce crime

Gash’s overall conclusion is that crime is a slippery subject and not susceptible to simple explanations in terms of either its causes nor in the most effective responses.

Why do we always think crime is rising?

But the interesting part of the story is that even after crime had been falling steadily for over 15 – 20 years, just 1 in 5 American or English people thought this was the case with only 4% Japanese believing that public safety had improved.

10 key facts from the latest crime figures

There was a 7% increase in police recorded crime compared with the previous year, with 4.4 million offences recorded in the year ending December 2015. Most of this rise is thought to be owing to improved crime recording by the police leading to a greater proportion of reports of crime being recorded in the last year.

The changing face of people smuggling

A recent briefing from the National Crime Agency stated that due to the increasing security measures at ports, people smugglers have started to turn to new and more expensive methods of getting asylum seekers and illegal immigrants onto UK soil.

Violence at work

Police officers and health and social care workers are particularly at risk of violence at work.

Why do we criminalise young people in care?

The children who are being criminalised whilst teenagers are the same children who, when younger, were sympathetically viewed as vulnerable, innocent and highly deserving of society’s help and protection.

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