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Here you can find over 100 posts tracking every major development in policing since 2011. You can trace the impact of staffing cuts, follow the debate about the role of modern policing and keep up with the latest in digitisation, use of drones & other innovations. If you’re looking for something in particular, try the search box below.

Child arrests down 59% in 5 years

A 5 year campaign by the Howard League plus big changes in police approach to arresting children has led to the number of arrests more than halving since 2010.

Do MAPPA, MARAC, IOM etc. actually work?

Latest Police Foundation paper on multi-agency case management. The MAPPA, IOM (etc.) approach feels effective but there is little research to prove it works.

Seven challenges for policing

2nd paper in a series from the Police Foundation looks at the difficulties facing police forces in setting priorities in the context of ever-increasing demand.

Organised fraud in local communities

Police Foundation report suggests that fraud committed by organised crime groups is three times higher than official estimates & police response inadequate.

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Police effectiveness in a changing world

Action research by the Police Foundation found that reductions in funding and consequent re-structuring have resulted in a less effective, reactive approach.

Five key things about new crime stats

There were more than 5.8m incidents of cybercrime in the last year, far higher than previously thought and enough to nearly double the headline crime rate in England and Wales.

Should we decriminalise sex work?

New report from Home Affairs Committee recommends legalising prostitution to protect sex workers from being criminalised and stigmatised.

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