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Rise in the use of weapons

Crime levels stable Last week (19 January 2017), the Office for National Statistics published the latest crime figures for England and Wales which cover the year ending September 2016. The statistics combine the findings from the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) and police recorded crime. CSEW figures tend to be higher as they are based on victims of crime and a significant proportion of crimes are never reported. They also tend to be

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Police body cameras cut complaints by 93%

Complaints drop by 93% There can be no doubt that body-worn cameras increase the transparency of frontline policing. Anything that has been recorded can be subsequently reviewed, scrutinised and submitted as evidence That’s the conclusion of Barak Ariel, the lead researcher of a year-long study of almost 2,000 officers across UK and US forces which shows that the introduction of wearable cameras led to a 93% drop in complaints made against police by the public

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