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Questions whether there will be a truly competitive market for TR


MoJ under pressure to get TR payment mechanism right


Two dozen articles on every aspect of probation changes freely available online.


Why it’s hard to help heroin users maintain recovery.


2nd year figures suggest that pilots significantly reduced demand on local criminal justice systems


A focus on reoffending could mean we miss the “teachable moments” which enable change…


PbR has great potential but only in the context of high quality commissioning, says a new NCVO/BWB report analysed here…

Clive Martin TR

Clive Martin, Director of Clinks, in the latest in a series of interviews about the MoJ’s probation reform programme: Transforming Rehabilitation. Clive sees the potential that TR will be a…


Last week the MoJ published modelled data for the 6 years from 2005 to 2010, showing the number of offenders in each PbR cohort and the 1-year re-offending rates…


How is the justice data lab doing? The first set of results from the MoJ are disappointing and tell us little about what works in tackling reoffending.


The Ministry of Justice responds to criticisms of its proposed payment mechanism for the new Transforming rehabilitation contracts and appears to be willing to make substantial changes. However, there will…


Work Programme providers are still not hitting their targets. The worse performers are being penalised by losing market share to their better performing rivals. This direct competition is a feature…