Finally Friday

Putting Facebook on probation

This Blog has covered the use of Facebook in the criminal justice system on several occasions and has also questioned why the probation service doesn’t make more use of social media. So this week’s Finally Friday takes a light-hearted look at what happens when you combine the two worlds of Facebook and probation. As any probation officer running an alcohol-related offending group will tell you: alcohol use impairs your cognitive faculties. Drunk on Facebook – About 437,000,000 …

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Who needs tasers when you’ve got Twitter?

There are now 640 UK Cops who Tweet in their official capacity – 80 more than when I wrote this post a couple of months ago.  Tweeting is great for community engagement and intelligence gathering but this week’s Finally Friday looks at some bizarre incidents when Twitter was actually used to effect an arrest.   First, have you ever seen something bad happening on a tube train but felt too intimidated to get involved? Down the tubes …

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The eagle flies on Friday

Last Friday I wrote about people who got themselves arrested by boasting about their criminal exploits on Facebook. This week’s Finally Friday is for readers who want to combine their criminal justice know-how and social media expertise to set up new money-making businesses. The examples below might be commonplace to American readers, but they seem a little unusual this side of the Atlantic. Firstly, how about a coaching service on how to survive in prison? The …

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And Finally: Friday

In the course of researching posts for this Blog, I have come across many bizarre stories about how offenders have incriminated themselves by the innovative, accidental or imbecilic use of social media. Occasionally, police, probation or prison officers have also dropped online clangers. These don’t always make it into the posts themselves, but it’s a shame not to share them. So, I’ve started a new series dedicated to the sort of strange but true stories …

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