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Police Commissioners spotlight earlier intervention & prevention

In an era of falling public spending, prevention and early intervention are a growing focus for policymakers. With significant cuts to policing budgets in recent years, police leaders in particular have needed to think about how they can move ‘upstream’ to reduce demand.

Do we need different courts for young adults?

One of the strongest elements of this report is that it suggests a straightforward approach for piloting a young adults court which would not necessarily require a great need of financial investment.

What happened to the justice system in 2015?

And almost everything that Justice Secretary Chris Grayling did (limit books for prisoners, plan to introduce secure colleges for young offenders, provide consultancy for Saudi Arabia and introduce the criminal courts charge), his successor Michael Gove undid.

Justice Reinvestment

Michael Gove, the Justice Secretary, recently visited a number of justice reinvestment projects in the States and is reported to be considering a similar approach in England and Wales.

Victims’ services have a long way to go

Very patchy provision The first report on the quality of services provided to victims by all agencies within the criminal justice system was published last week

Racism persists in the justice system

The latest section 95 statistics from the MoJ show that Black and Mixed race individuals are over-represented throughout the criminal justice system.

Why we need Rehabilitation Devolution

An excellent new report from Rob Allen for Transform Justice makes a compelling case for devolving the rehabilitation of young offenders to PCCs.

Women in the justice maze

Campaign by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies to raise awareness of how poorly the criminal justice system meets the needs of women offenders. #FixtheMaze

Fewer but more serious offenders in the justice system

The total number of individuals who have been dealt with formally by the CJS in England and Wales, has been declining since 2007, and is now at a record low level (period 1970 to June 2015) with 1.71 million individuals dealt with in the 12 months ending June 2015.

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