Dying on the streets

St Mungo’s reveals a dramatic increase in the proportion of people sleeping rough who have died with mental health support needs from 2010 to 2017

Universal credit system still failing

Universal Credit has taken significantly longer to roll-out than intended, may cost more than the benefits system it replaces, and the DWP will never be able to measure whether it has achieved its stated goal of increasing employment.

The role of technology in offender rehabilitation

A new commentary paper from the team at Breaking Free discusses the increasingly significant role new technologies, specifically digital technologies, are playing in the rehabilitation of offenders.

Knife crime hits 6-year high

In the year ending March 2018 21,045 knife and offensive weapon offences were formally dealt with by the CJS, the highest number since 2012.

United Kingdom Drug Report 2018

The latest EMCDDA drug report on the UK makes for an interesting read and confirms stabilisation of drug use but a continued fall in the number of drug offences.

The mental health needs of women in prison

Prison environments and women prisoners’ needs are complex and demand gender-aware care in view of women’s vulnerability and histories of trauma.

Police diversion with young offenders works

Police-led diversion of low-risk youth who come into contact with the justice system is more effective in reducing future contact with the justice system compared to traditional processing.

Secure schools take shape

Justice Minister Dr Phillip Lee sets out th MoJ’s plan for new Secure Schools: “Schools with security, not prisons with education”

Safety at Exeter Prison “unequivocally poor”

Prison Chief Inspector issues second urgent notification with concerns over safety, availability of drugs and poor care of vulnerable prisoners despite big increases in staffing.

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